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By Stefana Teodoroiu - sâmbătă, iulie 16, 2011

Well, I never actually showed you much of my photography portfolio. Despite the fact that, this past year, I didn't have the time to take any more photos, I thought I'd show you some of my old works :) I hope I'll be able to start photographing again once my exams are over, I really miss it!

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18 pretty comments

  1. Ce frumoasa e poza cu capsuna!! :X Si ultima cu cei 2 :) pup!

  2. sunt absolut superbe pozele!!!! sa ne mai arati!mi-au placut mult!

  3. imi plac mult pozele, si pisicu :D

  4. Wow! Stiam eu ca esti talentata dar acum sunt fara cuvinte. Imi plac absolut toate :)