30 day challenge: Day 10 & 11

  1. A picture of you.
  2. A picture of you from a year or so ago.
  3. Sum yourself up in about 100 words.
  4. Tell us about your family life.
  5. Take some pictures of your bedroom.
  6. Go to your dash, look at the last person to post something & write something about them.
  7. Tell us about an embarrassing moment.
  8. Write about 5 people who’ve changed your life (dear or alive, famous or not)
  9. State 3 things you like about yourself and 3 things you hate.
  10. Your views on abortion, gay marriage & capital punishment.
  11. Make a list of what you’ve eaten today.
10. Abortion - I am on both sides, depending on the situation. If the mother is very young or her health is at risk, then I'd agree with having an abortion.
Gay marriage - I fully support it :) I love happy and colourful people
Capital punishment - definitely, some people just don't deserve to live.

  •  yoghurt and cereals
  • fried chicken
  • fried corn
I had little to eat today because I was on the run ^_^

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