30 day challenge: Day 8 & 9

  1. A picture of you.
  2. A picture of you from a year or so ago.
  3. Sum yourself up in about 100 words.
  4. Tell us about your family life.
  5. Take some pictures of your bedroom.
  6. Go to your dash, look at the last person to post something & write something about them.
  7. Tell us about an embarrassing moment.
  8. Write about 5 people who’ve changed your life (dear or alive, famous or not) 
  9. State 3 things you like about yourself and 3 things you hate.
8. My parents - they did their best raising me and I am glad they showed me when and how I was wrong.
My boyfriend - he helped me overcome most of my flaws :) and gave me self-confidence
My aunt - she's the most generous person I have EVER met and she has taught me to be kind and respectful :)
Audrey Hepburn - she was a graceful woman who knew when to end her acting career and start focusing on family life 

9. Things I hate about myself: 
  • my skin problems
  • that I procrastinate too much
  • that I'm too emotional sometimes
Things I like about myself:
  • I can make people laugh and be happy :)
  • my hair (sometimes)
  • my slender figure
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2 pretty comments

  1. "# that I procrastinate too much
    # that I'm too emotional sometimes"

    i feel u! :))

  2. @Special K

    :)) Daca descoperi vreun remediu impotriva procratination-arii sa ma anunti si pe mine.