30 day challenge: Day 4

1.A picture of you.
2.A picture of you from a year or so ago.
3.Sum yourself up in about 100 words.
4.Tell us about your family life.

Well, I'm very thankful for the family I have. My parents are amazing, I never wished for anything else. Even though my mother and I fight all the time, we still end up apologizing to each other and moving on, usually the fights start from unimportant little things anyway :D My grandparents spoil me *blushing* even though they shouldn't, but I guess that's what every grandparent does with their grandchildren. I have lots of aunts and uncles, but my most loved ones are my father's brother and my mother's older sister :)
As for my animals, they're part of the family too. There's Hannah, I've had her since I was 11 and she's my first love and the first dog I owned :) Then there was Puskin, who died last week :( I still miss him every single day :(
And Tom(ita), my trouble-maker cat :) I wasn't exactly a cat-lover until I met him and his mother :) They turned my life upside down.
Last but not least, my boyfriend of 3 years and a half :) My soul-mate. That's all that needs to be said.

Have a great week!!
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